Families living in Suffolk with a child aged 12 or under can reach out to Families Together Suffolk for support. Our services are all free of charge and we ensure confidentiality and a non-judgmental approach.

We can help parents who:

  • Need support with their mental health
  • Feel lonely or isolated in their community
  • Find it hard to cope
  • Struggle with the emotional and physical demands of having a baby, young children or multiple children.
  • We receive referrals from a diverse range of sources, including the NHS, GPs, social care professionals, childcare practitioners, mental health services, educators, relatives and families. This broad network enables us to reach families in various circumstances and provide the assistance they need.

    How do I make a referral?

    Self Referrals
    If you are a family and feel you would like some extra support you can make contact with us by any of the following:
    - Get in touch to discuss your situation over the phone - 01379 678552
    - Write us an email or use the contact form -
    - Or complete our referral form.

    Professional Referrals
    If you are working with a family who you think could benefit from the support of Families Together Suffolk you should:
    - Complete our referral form with as much detail as possible. (Please note from May 2024 we can only accept referrals via our Microsoft Form).
    - Or you can get in touch with any further questions -

    What happens next?
    When we have received your referral form:
    - A Family Support Coordinator will contact the family to schedule an initial visit to discuss the family’s needs and the support available to them. We aim to make this contact within two weeks of the referral being submitted.
    - A collaborative support plan with clear targets is devised and agreed on by all parties and a decision on the best course of action is decided.
    - If we then initiate the process of matching the family with a volunteer, we will offer weekly or fortnightly support to the family.
    - Support provided will be monitored and reviewed at 12- week intervals.

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