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Families Together Suffolk run a range of free family support groups throughout Suffolk.
Our groups aim to increase confidence in parents, help build friendships within the community and provide a safe and supportive space for parents to explore activities and bond with their little ones.
We currently run a range of Family Support Groups, Perinatal Mental Health Support Groups and SEND support Groups.

Families Together

Family Support Groups

Learn and Grow are our family support groups. They are for Parents/carers and their children 0-5 to attend and discover imaginative ways to play, often using cheap or free, recycled materials!
The play ideas are planned to encourage children’s development and help them achieve their full potential.

To attend a group you will need to book with one of the staff in the timetable below.

Family Support Groups
Families Together

Perinatal Mental Health Support Groups

Working in partnership with the Perinatal Mental Health team in Suffolk, Families Together Suffolk hosts Chill, Chat & Play groups for mothers and mothers-to-be facing mental health challenges during pregnancy and up to the baby's first year.

The groups offer weekly support through both professional and peer support for women, helping to build confidence, reduce feelings of isolation and encourage bonding with baby. Chill, Chat & Play also offers enriching activities like treasure basket play, baby story sacks, and arts and crafts in a welcoming and secure setting, aiming to enhance maternal well-being and positively impact infant development and learning outcomes.

To attend a group you will need to book with one of the staff in the timetable below.

Perinatal Mental Health Support Groups
Families Together

SEND Families Unite

SEND Families Unite is a welcoming and supportive group which run across Suffolk. Our groups are free to attend for parents/ carers with a child of diagnosed or undiagnosed special educational needs and/ or disabilities.

The aim of the group is to provide a safe, relaxed and supportive environment for parents to attend, meet other parents facing similar challenges and access information from our SEND family coordinators specific to the family needs.
We believe all children should have equal opportunities for developing and learning whilst having fun, and parents/careers should be well supported throughout their journey.
It is a great place to break the isolation that many SEND parents/ carers feel.

To attend a group you will need to book with one of the staff in the timetable below.

Families Together

Download Our Group Timetables

For more information about the groups we currently have on offer please download/see our group timetables.

Families Together

Some Group Flyers For You

We have several A5 flyers that you are free to view and download about our groups

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